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Starting Band Smartzz

True Story

I have always wanted to start my own company one day. I just had no idea where to start, or even what I would be so passionate to pursue. Although I'm glad I started.


Band Smartzz Mission

Word of Wisdom

Not everyone will appreciate that you're evolving, because they still have a particular version of you stuck in their head.

Hair Care with Scrunchies

Start your healthy hair journey

Scrunchies are an important key for your healthy hair journey. If achieving length retention is one of the problems you face on your journey scrunchies are your best friends. Especially when I started going into my awkward hair faze. One day I was enjoying my TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro). Next my hair started growing like weeds ,and I couldn't figure out the best way for me to retain length. I was worried, impatient, and slightly discouraged. After all it was my first time dealing with shorter hair. I would advise if you are dealing with this same dilemma you should Keep Calm and Band. Banding with your scrunchies will be challenging at first, but I promise with time you'll grow to be an expert. A quick styling tip you should follow when banding. Is to section your parts (side part, middle part, or no part) before banding. Remember practice makes perfect keep trying and you will achieve it. Also if you want me to make a video please let me know in the comment section below.


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Many, many reasons

Haircare simplified:

I took my knowledge of hair maintenance for four years and created the hair accessories that helped my hair flourish. It all started two years before my big chop. I had spent those years before studying length retention and how to create a proper hair routine. Years later, I did the big chop. In less than a year, my hair grew back to shoulder length.

Satin pillowcase helped my hair retain its shine and bounce.

Plus for my curly hair that meant fewer washdays.

Spiral hair ties helped quicken the dry time of my wet hair.

Once my hair had grown to shoulder length, the awkward stage, the stage where curly hair is difficult to maintain. Satin scrunchies helped prevent breakage by banding my ends. Now my hair is bra-strap length.

Plus by banding my hair with scrunchies, it also made getting ready easier.

First love

Haircare = Health

Words Of affirmation


Whats Next?

Meaning behind the collection

If you're not about trends. You care for what is unique, makes you feel good, and you do whatever you want. Your in the right place. I challenge myself to create beautiful pieces you don't normally see, because I want those who wear my jewelry to stand out and look their best.

Satin scrunchies help maintain the moisture of the hair. In my case, I have curly hair, which has helped me retain my length. I created my scrunchies because I could not find satin scrunchies that offered the versatility to help maintain the thickness of my hair.

Velvet is a very durable fabric made to last for years. The soft texture prevents hair from tangling on itself, causing breakage. Velvet scrunchies soft hold promotes thickness preventing hair thinning. I love pairing them with my outfits.


Timeless Keepsake

A part of the Band Smartzz jewelry collection! Our Seline fortune charm bracelet made of charms that predict your past or future. I hope you cherish the Seline charm bangle and its protective magic. 

To Plant a seed

Sustainability is easy

See is believing

Band Smartzz community

Why wait?

Start your hair journey today, Lovely.

The Band Smartzz satin scrunchie collection! Our scrunchies are made with satin fabric, which has a soft texture. These scrunchies come in size mini or regular sized, making them versatile to wear as a scrunchie and a headband!

  • Wear as a Ponytail
  • Wear a variety
  • Wear as a Headband

However you choose to wear the Band Smartzz versatile collection of scrunchies you are gonna love the way you look, you are in the right place.

Oh, Diane!

The Healing Stone

Band Smartzz Diane Collection the Healing Crescent Necklace

Created in 2021, the Band Smartzz jewelry collection! Our Diane crescent necklaces are designed with a variety of Moondrop Gemstones. Known for there meta physical healing properties, or just a pretty stone. 

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Band Smartzz CEO
08/05/2020 15:22
Have you any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask? I want this to be a place of discussion.

Thank you for supporting Band Smartzz!

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